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REDCITY: Red Ribbon Awareness Rally | Lagos, Nigeria - September 8, 2010
by Funmilayo Ajayi (Communications)

In the beginning...
Like every initiative, a stepping-stone has to be put in place to announce the presence of any phenomenon, which I would term as anything that has not happened before. A group of young dynamic and talented professionals from different sects of the corporate society gathered together with a common goal - to spread the word about the soon coming Red Ribbon Open Magazine.

On Saturday, the 8th day of September, our very first rally tagged "the Red Ribbon Awareness rally" took place. Members began to arrive at the speculated venue as early as 10:30am. Members had a short long-time-no-see chitchat session followed by an update on what had been happening in the organization. By 12:00 noon, the rally proper started.

Yes we did, we painted City mall red. Anyone who came to the mall at that time could not have missed us, even if they tried. Oh yea, we were all looking fantastic in our red ribbon T-shirts. We distributed flyers and informed passers-by, shoppers, dealers, on-lookers, etc on a one-on-one basis about the Red Ribbon Open Magazine and Red Ribbon global initiative. Thirty minutes later, we were off.

Second level...
Next stop was the Galleria- the ever famous Silverbird galleria. We were advised by the management that people would probably forget the flyers on their seats after doing their business, so our strategy was to give them on their way out. Members spread out and covered Adeola Odeku junction, Federal Palace hotel axis and surrounding hot spots.
About forty-five minutes later, we took off.

Well yes, there was traffic in Lagos. Could we avoid it? But guess what? We maximized it. I did say it was a gathering of professionals. Members came down and did the voyage walk, distributing flyers to motorists, construction workers, pedestrians and motorists.

We finally got to the Palms in Lekki in batches. It was a colorful display with members displaying some choreography on the highway. Yes they did. It was so much fun. We distributed the flyers in and out of the mall.

By 5pm, everyone was famished and tired and it was time to call it a day. It had been a fulfilling outing. After the refreshments, we gave thanks and parted ways. With a smile on every ones face, well except for a few tired legs and feet, I m sure we could have taken the ride again.

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