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Red Ribbon Office-Open Opens September 8 | Lagos, Nigeria - September 8, 2010
by Funmilayo Ajayi (Communications)

With growing membership, leaders of the Red Ribbon Open Magazine initiative have decided that it would be of uttermost importance and a good idea to, in addition to all other contact centre's, have a project centre in a timely bid to manage the development, design, publicity and marketing processes of creating the Open Magazine.

Thus, the Red Ribbon project office is a nerve-center for the initiative and commenced operations on the 8th of September, 2010 with four full time members of staff including per-time workforce members who come in for special meetings and to work on special projects.

The Red Ribbon project office also houses the Office-Open day which is held on Saturdays. The Office-Open day serves as an interactive platform for members of the workforce to use an office environment to work.

It also serves as an accessible and physical station where people can come in to ask questions, make contributions and finalize on partnership deals. For issues concerning public and media relations, the Red Ribbon Office-Open is the mouthpiece for Red Ribbon global.

For the purpose of consulting and counseling on personal and psychological issues, the Red Ribbon Office-Open is also open to the public, connecting you with the right people to help you with the very best solutions or suggestions to aid healthy living.

It's an open house where every one is welcome and is sure to get concise, updated and clear information.

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Office-Open Address:
1st Floor (Opposite AIT)
Bookshop House
Broad Street
CMS Bus-Stop


Working Hours:
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
(Nigerian Time)