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Red Light

With a growing network of professionals and medical experts, the Red Ribbon Open Magazine's debut will indeed be outstanding. The communications department is dedicated to managing information exchange in the organization.

Contact email: communications@redribbonmag.com

The Red Ribbon Open Magazine Communications Department is responsible for the following functions:

  • Provision of concise, informative and clear information to
    stakeholders of the initiative.

  • Managing the subscription database.

  • Serving as a center point for questions, feedback and enquiries.

  • Supplying corporate information to other relevant bodies
    and managing internal requests.

  • Managing the data-bank of articles, papers, reports, etc

  • Managing resources for data collation in communication research.

  • Organizing, interpreting, reporting and evaluating internal and external informative campaigns.

  • Providing relevant information to the PRESS and managing media relationships.

Structure of the Department

  • Internal Communications
  • Global Outreach
  • Public Relationships & Media
  • Awareness & Evangelism

Available Positions

  • Chief Communications Executive (Country)
  • Head, Global Communications (Regional)
  • Director of International Communications (Country)
  • Head, Evangelism (Country)
  • Director of Public Relations (Country)

Send your Resume to jobs@redribbonmag.com


Squueze   Squueze RedCity Rally comes up on Saturday (NG)
Take Action. Join the global workforce.

Editors of main stream magazines and publications are confirming their desire to be part of the open magazine project. With the response we have received, we are confident that the Red Ribbon Open Magazine will become the world's biggest open journal of creative and health awareness. more...

What is the Red Ribbon Open Magazine?

The OpenMagazine allows for free involvement in the creation, building and development of articles ad educational content of the RedRibbon Magazine.
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