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• Re-engineering change through Re-education & Culture: Abstinence | Education | Life
• Open Education: An Open Magazine
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Cinemas & Theaters:
Latest news, film reviews, ratings and releases from Holly, Bolly and Nolly wood.

Fashion News:
This column focuses on the latest news and trends in the fashion industry, what are people wearing, what colours are in fashion and especially how fashion designers, fashion moguls and models alike are working to fight against the stigmatization of people living with HIV.

Health Research:
With east-to-understand articles backed with relevant graphics, the open magazine features outstanding reports and write-ups from medicine and focuses on ongoing research on the cure for HIV and AIDS.

Pages of life:
This column focuses on true life experiences of people who have suffered discrimination, and are living with the virus.

S.A.G.E. (Save a Generation Endangered):
Can business tycoons and celebrities join the cause? Through SAGE, global icons can Make a Statement that will touch the lives of many.




Take Action. Join the global workforce.

Editors of main stream magazines and publications are confirming their desire to be part of the open magazine project. With the response we have received, we are confident that the Red Ribbon Open Magazine will become the world's biggest open journal of creative and health awareness. more...

What is the Red Ribbon Open Magazine?

The OpenMagazine allows for free involvement in the creation, building and development of articles ad educational content of the RedRibbon Magazine.
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Latest News

RedCity Rally comes up on Saturday (NG)
• Red Ribbon Office Open begins Sept 8 (NG)
• Red Ribbon Global TriNation Summit (US)
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• hiv.com
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